MommyLovesU Medical Fetal Doppler
MommyLovesU Medical Fetal Doppler
MommyLovesU Medical Fetal Doppler
MommyLovesU Medical Fetal Doppler
MommyLovesU Medical Fetal Doppler

MommyLovesU Medical Fetal Doppler

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Moms are Going Crazy Over this New Baby Fetal Heartbeat Listener  

Since the launch of this new “MommyLovesU Fetal Doppler Heartbeat listener” expecting moms all over the globe are enjoy listening to their growing baby even before they feel the first baby kick! 

mommylovesu fetal Doppler hear rate monitor


The Fetal Doppler Heartbeat listener not only allows you to listen to your baby's heart at home but also to read the little ones heart rate simply by putting it on your belly. This simple hand held and light weight design is so convenient and you can listen to your precious baby's heart anywhere, anytime.




    The signal of your baby's heart is clear and easy to differentiate from yours. It is certified and 100% safe to use. A perfect gift for yourself and your pregnant friends to enjoy a whole new experience.



    First evenly coat the gel on the probe before use. The gel provides lubrication and air isolation for maximum results. We recommend our Genuine MommyLovesU Conducting Gel. 


    • Relax and lie flat with a cushion pillow, keep legs straight.
    • Apply some gel to your abdomen and evenly spread.
    • Place the fetal Doppler to the abdomen to locate the position of the fetus. 
    • Move it slowly to find the baby's heartbeat.

    After hearing regular fetal heart sound, you can read the heart rate value on the screen in real-time. 



     Our Fetal Doppler allows you to listen to your baby's heart by just placing it on your belly anytime, anywhere. It creates amazing family moments and feeling of bonding between you and your growing little one! It also provides peace of mind. So no more pregnancy anxiety!


    MommylovesU fetal Doppler Heart Listener



    Thanks to the innovative low power consumption design, now you can use our Fetal Doppler for months without changing the batteries to help focusing 100% on yourself and your baby. Listen every single heart beat of your baby real time using our sonar headphone while reading the heart rate on the display.


    MommyLovesU Fetal Doppler Heart Listener



    • 100% Safe to use at home (certified)
    • Provides peace of mind that baby is OK
    • Enhance the bonding between you and the baby
    • Clearly audible for every heartbeats or movement 
    • Easy to use and differentiate from mom's heart
    • Ultrasound Frequency: 2 MHz
    • The best time to listen: Week 12 baby
    • Free Sonar Earphones for clear listening experience


    MommyLovesU fetal baby heartbeat listener reader



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     NOTE: A home fetal Doppler can’t be used in place of a doctor’s ultrasound appointment. So don't miss your doctor's appointment!

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